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Wolverine Masters Water Polo is a co-ed masters water polo team based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and surrounding cities. The team was started in 2015 under the Wolverine Water Polo Club and has grown to host over 50 men and women who love to play water polo, drink beer, travel to tournaments, hang out on the weekends, and float the Huron River.


We have a wide range of athletes from all over the world, and all levels of ability. If you have played water polo at the high school, collegiate club, collegiate varsity or masters level, and our photos look fun to you, join us.

Treasurer: Brittany Pinter

Secretary: Jonah Kamoo

Director: Meaghan Poland

Director: Pat Parsons

We're passionate about growing water polo in Michigan and the Midwest.

Our Story

In addition to being the #1 swimming city in America, Ann Arbor, Michigan is one of the leading water polo communities in the Midwest and East Coast. With over 20 pools, a nationally-ranked D1 collegiate program, 10+ high school water polo teams, and a highly competitive youth club team, our county is passionate about growing water polo in Michigan.


The only problem? Until recently, we had no formally organized masters team. In 2015, a group of local former high school and collegiate players started the club which has now grown to over 50+ team members throughout the year. Thank you to everyone who has helped us grow, and to Wolverine Water Polo for your unwavering support!

Our Mission

The Wolverine Classic

Join us for our annual Wolverine Classic! Every January, we host our co-ed masters water polo tournament in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Teams from all over the country compete in the 2-day weekend tournament at the beautiful Ann Arbor Skyline High School Pool. Teams are guaranteed 3 games and social events on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Our inaugural 2018 tournament included over 100+ players. We look forward to hosting the next one in January 2024!

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Thank you for your support!

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