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2019 Wolverine Classic Tournament (photos)

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

We seriously cannot thank all of our team, family, friends and fans for another AMAZING tournament weekend! (Scroll down for lots of photos + teams!)

We hosted the 2nd Annual Wolverine Classic Tournament on January 20-21, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 11 teams from around the country joined us for an awesome weekend of water polo and a fun Saturday night drinking, singing karaoke and dancing at The Circ Bar.

The Wolverine Maize Team went 2-2 for the weekend and Wolverine Blue Team went 3-1... what an improvement from last year!

We could not have pulled off the tourney without everyone's help. A couple specific thank you's:

  • to Shami for running one of the most efficient and legit tournaments this side of the Mississippi. You are doing SO much for the growth of Midwestern water polo!!!

  • to Paige for organizing the best tourney social event to date, and getting all the teams discounts at Wolverine Brewery. They were thrilled with the extra business this weekend.

  • to Kate for designing some sweet tourney tees - we sold almost 60!

  • to Ember for making signs to point teams toward the pool 

  • to John for taking some awesome pics of the teams and games this weekend... and for promoting t-shirt sales

  • to Pat and Fran for bringing lots of snacks and coaching our teams during the weekend... this made a huge difference

  • to James for showing us his hidden karaoke talent on Saturday night

  • and finally to all the players on both Wolverine teams for pool set up, tear down, and working the table. The fact that everyone showed up to work their table shifts is truly amazing and allowed the tourney to run smoothly. 

Wolverine Maize Team

Wolverine Blue Team



- Wolverine Water Polo

- Cleveland Water Polo Club

- Team Chicago

- 616 Water Polo

- Motor City Water Polo

- Columbus Water Polo

- University of Chicago Club Water Polo

- University of Michigan Men's Club Water Polo

- Brooklyn Wets Water Polo Club

Thank you again for a great weekend, see you next year!

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